The Boss Groupís primary objective is to generate long-term capital appreciation for its investors and partners by maximizing the wealth of management experience of its members and partners.

The Group leverages the extensive network of its participants and professional contacts to identify opportunities where it can provide substantial operating support to the investment. It is intended that the Group will, through the use of participantsí experience and ties, distinguish itself from other private equity firms by contributing value added operational support in addition to strictly financial assistance. Once an investment is made, the Group expects to leverage the firmís experience to help grow the company organically Ė to assist in the strategic direction and to create marketing and other selected ventures domestically and abroad with other industry partners. In addition, the firm will also support a portfolio company in strategic acquisitions.

The income generated by the Groupís investments will be applied first to operational expenses and business development, including acquisitions. At such time as the Group should determine, there will be an income distribution to participants in accordance with their respective interests. The concept is to take a long- term view and grow the operating entity. Various assets held with partners in one form or another may from time to time be realized for value or strategic reasons. The classic exit periods and means for disposition of assets would be adopted as appropriate.

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