The Boss Group has extensive expertise and experience in a broad spectrum of industries and businesses and operations. All members have been involved at some high-level of management in public companies or have owned and operated private companies. Several have or are serving on private and public company boards as well as university and community organizations.

Also, internationally, the Boss Group has a unique and broad spectrum of expertise. Several of the principals have multi-national backgrounds, including language abilities and have either been executives or owners of foreign entities or acted as advisors to both US and foreign corporations abroad.

  • A well-rounded, seasoned team with a broad range of advisory and operating experience, insight and relationships;
  • A comprehensive industry knowledge in energy, healthcare and commercial businesses;
  • A proven track record of managing public and private companies;
  • Substantial transactional and structuring experience;
  • Extensive international experience as well as a broad network.

The Boss Group takes a proactive approach to identify and pursue equity investments with long-term appreciation through a controlling ownership of a company or in a joint venture with industrial or private equity fund partners. The firm focuses on the often overlooked small to middle market companies that lack the know-how or relationships to expand domestically or abroad and seeks to invest in growing, profitable businesses with a proven record of revenues and earnings. However, the firm will consider a participation in or an investment in companies introducing a product or service, including franchises, into the marketplace. The Group prefers negotiated transactions but will consider competitive bid situations.

  • Focus is on industries and sectors where there is a long-term sustainable growth and the members have operational experience and ties
  • Identification of smaller entities where there is better value and a clear need for operational and strategic support
  • In the U.S. primarily acquisition and investment activities

  • Internationally, primarily joint venture and market oriented with the Group investing time and experience into these projects
  • International advisory services
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