The Boss Group is a private investment and management firm created to acquire small and middle market companies for its account and its partners and to originate and participate in joint ventures with industrial or trade partners, both in the US and abroad.

The firm’s approach is to be a business or operational buyer and participant as opposed to being primarily financial or transactional. The firm pursues opportunities that leverages the team’s deep industry and seasoned management experience, strategic visions, and strong business relationships. The international background and expertise is particularly attractive to the small or medium size companies wishing to expand into or focus on the international markets. In addition to traditional approaches to transactions for small and midsize businesses the Group also has innovative solutions not normally used by the traditional investment firms.

The Boss Group represents the sum of experience of a number of individuals and private entities with a broad range of experience and relationships. The firm continually adds skills, business experience and increases its network of participants giving it a unique capability to achieve its goals and those of its participants and partners. The Boss Group has the scope for opportunity generation and acquisition activity and, additionally, it has the ability to increase asset and income value of ventures and acquisitions through group-generated activities and transactions.

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