The Group has completed nine transactions since 2004 when it completed its first acquisition. The transactions were made up of six acquisitions and five minority investments. The investments were in several different areas - energy services/infrastructure, healthcare, communications and technology. The total equity provided in these transactions totals approximately $40M.

The Group seeks investment opportunities in energy infrastructure/services, healthcare, manufacturing, and other specialty niches, such as hospitality or retail, including franchises. It is also open to invest or make acquisitions in other promising business sectors.


The group has formed two new entities - Enscor LLC and United Renal Health LLC.

Ecscor LLC will pursue acquisitions in the energy services sector, an area in which the group has previously made several successful acquisitions.

United Renal Health LLC will offer an innovative business approach and structuring for independent or small to medium sized groups of dialysis owners. Aside from maximizing the revenues from the ongoing operations, the concept will offer the owners maximum values should they wish to exit.

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